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pixie amps

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pixie amps

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pixie amps

A Stunning
9 Tube System

A revolutionary amplifier product

The entire Pixie product line is both revolutionary and a true classic at the same time. We have taken all of the best audio technology developed over the past 150 years and perfected it while adding modern features that were demanded by some of the best guitar players in the world. Discover for yourself how incredible audio products can sound when every detail is obsessed over by true music enthusiasts designing and building their dream gear. Our core product, the Pixie GC-1 amp is fully analog with 9 vacuum tubes, a pure class-A power supply providing over 120W (60W RMS) and a 3-band opto-compressor with individual gain for total control. The GC-1 was originally conceived by legendary guitarist Joe Walsh and a couple of friends who were legends in their own right in the audio electronics industry. Their goal was simple - create the ultimate guitar amp which they called G-Craft. Today, it is called the Pixie GC-1, but the mission remains the same.

What makes Pixie different?

Pixie is a 9 tube, fully analog design 

There are lots of tube guitar amps on the market, so what makes Pixie different and better than all of them?

  • 2 tubes for the instrument pre-amplifier
  • 2 tubes for the 3 channel optical compressor/dynamic EQ
  • 2 tubes for  summing and overdrive
  • 3 output tubes in parallel (not a push pull configuration.)
  • A fully analog circuit with class A power
  • Hand crafted in Ojai, California
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PIXIE gives you complete control

Pixie's unique 3 band optical compressor and dynamic EQ brings out every subtle detail and nuanced sound from your instrument. You will be amazed at the rich tones and positive harmonics you get from any instrument.

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